A significant percentage of the budget for a new project is invested in the building envelope. We believe it is extremely important an expert to develop the engineering.The main objective of Hill Structure Ltd. is to design a project that fully meets the expectations of design, quality and energy efficiency at the best possible price. At the design level, we can solve the key issues that each INVESTOR faces:

  • Budget – The project of the façade system allows the investor to calculate exact costs with up to 3% deviations (a significant part of the total building budget is spent for the facades).
  • Time – The quality project saves time on the construction site and reduces errors during the detailing.
  • Risk of speculation in the quantity of materials – Hill Structure Ltd. works entirely in the interest of its client. Our design team is independent of the installation contractors of the façade systems. By preparing the project, we eliminate the risk of speculation in the quantity of materials.
  • Reduction of costs – we produce detailed static calculations for each element of the façade system (including screws and rivets), which is important for determining the exact number of fasteners and the required thicknesses of profiles and facade panels. Also, in the preliminary stage, we are actively assisting the architect in choosing an optimal raster with minimum percentage of scrap. Sometimes a slight change of the raster can give serious reflections on the amount of material.
  • Assistance in choosing materials – Modern architecture requires innovative facade solutions. Technologies are changing at a rapid pace and more and more new products are coming in to meet the requirements of each architect and investor. Our team advises our clients on choosing the right material, showing the positive and negative qualities of each proposal.
  • Safety and reliability – The detailed static calculations of the façade design give confidence that it will be resistant to wind and snow loads.


We offer engineering services for the design of the entire building envelope. The cladding systems and materials are carefully selected to meet the requirements for weathertightness, structural behaviour, interaction with primary structure, occupant comfort, energy efficiency, sun shading, condensation, durability, sustainability, natural light admittance, fire behavior of the building envelope, security, safety and serviceability, maintenance and buildability. 



·   glass

·   composite and monolithic metal panels

·   natural and artificial stone

·   HPL

·   ceramics

·   architectural precast concrete

·   GFRC 

·   panelized brick

·   cladding systems

·   etc.

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