Facade engineering of ventilated facades by Hill Structure

We prepare high-quality projects for facade engineering. The project contributes your building to be safer, more comfortable, more durable and more secure. Save time, effort and money by hiring professionals to take care of your facade.

Фасаден инженеринг вентилируеми фасади


Facade engineering of ventilated facades - WHY is essential for you?

Facade engineering is a segment of civil engineering where specific skills of the designer and knowledge of a number of physical properties of materials are required. Facade design is increasingly preferred among investors, contractors, architects, and insurance companies. The reason is that about 20% of the total budget is invested in the building envelope, which in turn has extremely important functions. The ventilation of the building, the thermal insulation characteristics, the comfort of the occupants, the durability of the building, and others depend on the facade. The fire safety of the facade is extremely important for the health and life of people. The advantages of a facade engineering project are undesputable:

  • Potential problem areas can be resolved in the pre-design phase
  • Optimization of waste material
  • Optimal building ventilation, which extends its service life
  • Fire safety so that in case of a fire, heavy damage is avoided
  • Clear and precise instructions to the installation team

Facade engineering of ventilated facades - WHY choose us?

Our work on significant projects in Western Europe, meeting the quality requirements of German standards, as well as our constant pursuit of optimization, have won us the trust of some of the most demanding players on the market. We control the amount of residual material at pre-design, making the necessary calculations for each element of the system so that there is not a single nail in excess. We even compile a list of all the components of the facade to give clients a clear predictability of costs. The construction site plans we provide are detailed and accessible to the assembly groups.

Фасаден инженеринг вентилируеми фасади
Фасаден инженеринг вентилируеми фасади

Facade engineering of ventilated facades makes it faster and easier to work with

Assembly is usually the most problematic part. That is exactly why we specialize in making our drawings detailed, as well as accessible so that they can be of help on the construction site.

Фасаден инженеринг вентилируеми фасади

Facade engineering project of ventilated facades allows you to control your budget

We prepare a complete and detailed quantity and value account of all elements that are part of the facade. This way you can anticipate all your expenses.

Фасаден инженеринг вентилируеми фасади

Facade engineering project of ventilated facades saves you money

We calculate the residual materials at pre-design. In case they do not meet your budget expectations, we would provide you with solutions on how to optimize it to reduce costs.

Фасаден инженеринг вентилируеми фасади


  • A project of a ventilated facade (Etalbond, GFRC, HPL and etc.)
  • A project for the reconstruction of existing facades
  • Pre-design consultation of possible approaches and solutions
  • Statics calculations (wind load, snow load and etc.)
  • Assembly and shop drawings
  • Assembly and shop details
  • Fire safety measures
  • Measures for optimal ventilation of the facade
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Author's supervision


Pricing is based on difficulty, time, area and are specific to each project.


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Stadhuis Hasselt

Jaspers-Eyers architects

150 Holborn

Perkins and Will architects

Tichelrei, Gent

A33 architects

Residental Amsterdam

Arzu Senel architecture

540 West 21st NYC

Adamson Associates arch

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